Stop Syrian Refugees

Even after ISIS terrorists' Paris shootings and suicide bombings that left 129 dead, President Obama is leaving American doors wide open to MORE radical Islamists from Syria.

We can't allow this to continue. Too much is at stake.

So please sign your SECURE AMERICA NOW petition, insisting that Congress cuts off every dime of funding for the Syrian refugee program! After you sign, please chip in $10 or more to help mobilize more Americans to this fight.

To My Representative and Both Senators

Whereas:   Days after the November 13th Paris attacks, ISIS leaders released a new video promising attacks on Washington, D.C., and claim to have trained soldiers in up to 15 U.S. states; and
Whereas:   Nearly 2,000 Islamist refugees have already been placed in cities across the United States; and
Whereas:   President Obama is set to welcome a flood of 10,000 more Islamist refugees -- with zero effective vetting process in place; and
Whereas:   The stakes are simply too high for American security to allow this to continue.
Therefore: I urge you to do everything in your power and use the power of the purse to stop funding President Obama's outrageous Syrian refugee program.

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