Repeal Obamacare

The National Council for Freedom and Enterprise is fighting Obama's plans for amnesty as part of immigration reform.

This important fight will begin in the Senate VERY soon.

We need your help to send a clear message to Congress that Americans, like you, will not stand for amnesty and open borders.

So please sign the "No Amnesty" petition below.

No Amnesty Petition
To My Representative and Both Senators

Whereas:   Our current immigration policy allows millions of illegal immigrants to cross our unprotected borders into our country each year; and
Whereas:   Amnesty perpetuates illegal immigration and discourages legal immigration; and
Whereas:   Amnesty undermines U.S. federal law by refusing to punish those who break our immigration laws and gives illegal immigrants a "free pass."
Therefore: I urge you to oppose amnesty and promote border security as part of immigration reform.

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